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Established in 1983 in Quincy, WA, Central Bean is an innovative family-owned company that has championed sustainable agricultural practices since its inception. For more than 30 years we have been on the cutting edge of agronomic innovation. Some of these – like no-till and minimal till farming – are prevalent in our fields; others, like our unique Identity Preservation system, are clearly evident in our cleaning and packing operations.
One of the primary points that distinguish us from others is our Identity Preserved system (IP). Each grower’s dry beans are stored in small bins and conditioned separately. This allows us to monitor the quality standards of each grower, each field and even each load delivered for conditioning. This approach is singularly different from the way others handle dry beans. Other facilities store and condition from large tanks that contain beans mixed together from a multitude of growers. Because this system lacks accountability, nothing can be traced back to the source.
By contrast, our identity system allows customers to choose dry beans that match their quality standards criteria. Requirements can specify criteria such as appearance, foreign material, odors, size, consistency of size, splits, checked seed coats, soak time, cook time and overall product appearance after cooking. Central Bean supplies beans to many canneries and packagers in the U.S.
Whether our beans are destined for use in retail consumer packs, processors for the foodservice channel or consumption, our products have the same high standards. Beans are conditioned over seven different machines to separate by size, density, and texture to create as consistent, foreign material free product as possible.

The country’s
finest beans,
sustainably grown & 100%
traceable back
to the source.