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The arid Columbia Basin in central Washington is the perfect environment for growing dry beans, and by extension a great location for sustainable crops and agricultural practices. Central Bean is a Food Alliance Certified (FAC) handler that packs and processes FAC dry beans harvested by FAC growers. Together, they are working to meet the growing demand for sustainable beans certified as such by the Food Alliance.
For farm and ranch operations, and food packing, processing, and distribution facilities, Food Alliance certification provides independent verification of marketing claims for social and environmental responsibility, differentiating and adding value to products and protecting and enhancing brands.
Food Alliance Certification
Food Alliance is a nonprofit organization that certifies farms, ranches and food handlers for sustainable agricultural and facility management practices. To obtain Food Alliance certification, a business must be regularly audited by an independent third-party inspector to determine whether it meets the program standards and criteria:
• Provide safe and fair working conditions
• Ensure the health and humane treatment of animals
• No use of hormones or non-therapeutic antibiotics
• No genetically modified crops or livestock
• Reduce pesticide use and toxicity
• Protect soil and water quality
• Protect and enhance wildlife habitat
• Continuously improve management practices
By choosing Food Alliance Certified products, consumers and commercial food buyers can be assured they are supporting safe and fair working conditions, humane treatment of animals and good environmental stewardship.

Food Alliance
certification is clear
evidence of our
commitment to
maintaining values
of social and
throughout the food
supply chain.