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Beans are not only delicious, they’re nutrient powerhouses. On average, just 1/2 cup of beans contains a whopping 6 grams of fiber—that’s about a quarter of the recommended daily intake. So do your body good and enjoy these high-fiber bean recipes.


Bean Dip Athenos >
Black Bean & Salmon Appetizer >
Easy Cheesy Beef Quesadillas >
Hummus >
Tom's Taco Dip >


Taco Soup >
White Chicken Chili >
Bean And Pasta Salad >
Red Potato Salad >


Calico Bean Bake >
Jamaican Red Beans & Rice >
Refried Beans >
Bean And Cheese Tamales >
Biscuits And Beans >
Stuffed Peppers >
Chalupa >


Spicy Breakfast Burrito >

Baked Goods

Tamale Pie >
Chili Bread >
Cinnamon Garbanzo Bread >
Zucchini Or Carrot Bread >


Black Bean Brownies >
Pinto Bean Apple Cake >
Spicy Bean Cake >
Apple Bean Cookies >
Navy Bean Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies >