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From 25 lb. bags to 2500 lb. totes, we are proud to offer the finest, Food Alliance certified sustain- able dry beans in the country – and all are Identity Preserved (IP). Unlike other companies that mingle all of the beans from different growers, we track and separate our beans by grower and field. This IP system allows us to recognize and monitor quality standards and separate our beans by size, density and texture to create the cleanest and most consistent product on the market.
Black Beans
• Medium black-skinned ovals
• Earthy, sweet flavor with a hint of mushrooms
• Also known as turtle or black turtle beans
• Popular throughout Latin America
Cranberry Beans
• Small rounded beans, ivory color with red markings    that disappear on cooking
• Creamy texture; subtle, nut-like taste
• A favorite in northern Italian, Spanish and
  Portuguese cuisines
Dark Red Kidney Beans
• Large, kidney-shaped, deep reddish-brown
• Robust, full-bodied, soft texture
• Often used in chili; popular in salads; paired with rice
Garbanzo Beans
• Beige to pale yellow; round, mottled appearance
• Nutlike taste, buttery texture
• Creamy texture; subtle, nut-like taste
• Called chickpeas; especially popular in Middle
  Eastern, Indian dishes — hummus, falafels, curries
Great Northern Beans
• Medium sized, white color, oval shape
• Mild flavor with a powdery texture
• Delicate flavor makes them a good choice for salads
Navy Beans
• Small white ovals; mild flavor with powdery texture
• Excellent in soups, chowders and bean pot recipes
• Also known as Small White Beans
Orca Beans
• An heirloom variety from Mexico but very rare in
   the U.S.
• Most often used in thick soups or with rice
• Named after the orca (killer) whale
Pinto Beans
• Medium ovals; mottled beige and brown color; earthy
  flavor and powdery texture
• Favorite for chili, refried beans and other
  Mexican-American dishes
• Distinguished for succulent flavor and dappled, bicolor
Rojo Chiquito Beans
• Central American style small red bean
• Retains firmness and bright red color after cooking
Small Red Beans
• Dark red color with flavor and properties similar to
  red kidney, only smaller
• Bright red bean that adds sparkle to bean salads
• Like all colored beans, can be substituted for any of the
   colored varieties
Soup Mix
• Combines all our beans to create an outstanding and
   healthy soup mix
• Easy to prepare and tastes wonderful
White Kidney Beans
• Large kidney shaped bean, white in color, rich in fiber
• Known for their texture and ability to absorb flavors
• Use in soups, stews, chili’s, and salads
Yellow Beans
• Large oval shaped bean, yellow in color, rich in fiber
• Known for their rich flavor and creamy texture
• Used for refried beans, soups and stews
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