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The arid Columbia Basin in Central Washington is the perfect environment for growing dry beans, and it’s here that Central Bean uses an Identity Preserved (IP) system. Central Bean was the first Food Alliance certified bean handler and processor in the country, and is renowned for their unique IP process, which includes 100% traceability from field to fork. This program recognizes quality and maximizes sustainable agricultural practices, which means our beans can be traced from Field to Fork.
Unlike other companies that blend the beans from multiple growers, our IP system tracks, stores and conditions beans from individual fields and growers. Each grower’s dry beans are stored in individual bins and conditioned separately, thus allowing the quality standards of each grower, each field and even each truckload to be monitored and tracked. Requirements specify criteria like appearance, foreign material, odors, size and size consistency, splits, checked seed coats, soak time, cook time and overall product appearance after cooking. This system separates beans by size, density and texture to create the cleanest and most consistent products on the market.
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